Drum & Dance Sydney

  • The next generation of Afro - Aussies...

    Dynamic dancing to live drumming.

  • with AFROtude...

    West African Festival 2013

  • Celebrating the spirit of Africa...

    Afro Latino Festival 2013

  • Colourful costumes by MAISHA

    Africultures Festival 2013


Performance Group

“AFRO KIDZ “ is an exciting youth African dance troupe keeping the spirit of Africa alive in the next generation! Full of energy and incredibly adorable, this group of little dynamos have some very funky moves!

The group brings together 8 Afro-Aussie dancers and 3 drummers with backgrounds from all over Africa, ranging in age from 5 to 13yrs old. Performing groovy moves by African Drum & Dance Sydney and wearing the colourful threads of Maisha Designs, the group inspire the celebration of African music, dance and culture.

Recent achievements include winning an Excellence Award for being an Outstanding Children’s Cultural Dance Group; featured on ABC TV Play School; awarded 2nd place Youth Stage, Africultures Festival 2014.

Choreography : Rachel Bangoura, African Drum & Dance Sydney

Costume Design : Emma Jacobs, MAISHA / Yacou Mbaye

Recent Performances include :

ABC Studios – Playschool, Parliament House, Jam Gallery, West African Festival, Africultures Festival, Afro – Latino Festival and many more.


Rachel Bangoura / Emma Jacobs


0406 881 844